The season of using your furnace has finally arrived, and we hope you are all set to enjoy the warmth in the chilly weather. Winter is the “official heating season” for us at Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc., which means that our clients arrange for furnace repairs. For many people, turning on their old furnaces for the first time comes with a feeling of intimidation. Will it work properly, or will they need to have a costly furnace repair job – are some of the many things that run through their mind.

As a new furnace owner, if you have never seen the inside of a heating device, you can try your hands for the first time on a furnace inspection and minor repairs yourself.

This handbook will walk you through some furnace components you can inspect and the solutions if something is wrong. Trust us, once you start spending some time getting to know your furnace, you can decide when to call us for a furnace repair in Hudson in the future.

Check the Air Filters 

Well, no furnace repair handbook is actually complete without mentioning the air filters. You probably know how an air filter looks like. Think of your furnace’s air filters as the gatekeeper for your device, which can trap the pollutants such as dust, dander, dirt, and other debris so that they can’t circulate inside your home.

Clogged air filters reduce the airflow and make your furnace work harder. Overworking of your furnace usually means that you need to pay for pricey heater installation in Hudson, NJ and higher energy bills. Even though you don’t have the dirtiest air filter in town, change it every 30 to 60 days.

Check the Thermostat 

If you have enjoyed the summer and want to embrace the winter gracefully, you need to change the temperature setting with a thermostat. Set your thermostat to “HEAT”, and also make sure that you haven’t turned the fan “ON”.

You need to check the batteries of your thermostat and replace them if needed. If your thermostat does not use batteries, do a check of the control board or the circuit. Make sure that power is coming into the thermostat unit because if it is not, you need to call us for a professional furnace repair in Hudson to help you.

Check the Burner 

The burner of your furnace has the same importance as the burner of your gas grill. It works along with the igniter and the flame sensor to control the flame of your furnace. Ensure that your burners are clean and there is no problem with the gas supply to the furnace.

If you don’t know how to access your burners, call us to help you.

We have shared some of the very few standard furnace inspection checklist you need to follow during your first DIY furnace inspection project. Your furnace is a complex system, and sometimes you need expert advice and guidance to take care of the device. If you’re not sure when to call for a professional HVAC contractor in Hudsoncontact us.