Professional AC Installation and Repair Services in Newark

Most of the time, we ignore that the air conditioner is one of the most useful devices at our home and office. But when there is a problem with the air conditioner, it severely affects us. And probably that is the only time when we understand its importance in our lives. It is certain that you never want your family or employees to suffer due to the soaring heat inside. And the ambiance of your home and office needs to be as comfortable as possible. At Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc., we help you stay comfortable with our AC installation in Newark.

Need Professional Hands for New AC Installation in Newark?

Installing a new air conditioner at your home or office is a much bigger decision than it sounds. Spending on an air conditioner is quite an investment that you make once for the next several years. Thus, you need to select an air conditioner that matches your requirements while also being in your budget.

Every home has different cooling requirements based upon many factors, like the size of the home, the number of family members, the climatic condition of your location, and many more. Being in the field for more than 30 years, we understand your requirements without any explanation.

Once we accept a call from you for a new AC installation in Newark, our installation expert visits your location. We suggest you with the best possible options considering your budget and needs. And we also help you select the best-suited air conditioning system.

Our professional installers place your AC at the right location and with due care so that you can make the best use of your AC.

Are You Looking to Replace Your Old AC with A New AC Installation in Newark?

You must consider replacing your old air conditioner with a new one when you are left with no possible repair option. Our HVAC technicians can deal with any problems your AC may face. And we provide customized and professional solutions to bring back your AC to normal.

Our AC Repair in Newark Includes:


We perform a thorough system scan before performing any repair job. The primary motto behind a complete system inspection is to find all the problems your AC is currently having and the problems that can be more prominent in the future if not addressed now.


Once our technicians are sure that they have detected all the existing problems, they start with the repair job. We have all the necessary tools and advanced tactics to deal with any problem with your AC. Our technicians clean all the components and parts of your air conditioner during repair, and we make sure that you don’t need another AC repair in Newark anytime soon.


If your AC can be fixed with any part replacement, we suggest you go for it. Sometimes, your AC works differently due to a broken or dysfunctional part.

Also, Contact for HVAC repair Newark, NJ at affordable prices.

We Suggest A System Replacement Only When:

  • Your AC needs a significant replacement
  • There are problems which can’t be fixed
  • Your AC is more than 10 years old

The Leading Company for AC Installation in Newark

Are you tired of your AC acting up? Do you need professional HVAC contractors in Newark to back you whenever you search for reliable AC repair or installation services? If so, you need to contact Ron John HVAC. We have been a trusted HVAC service company in Newark for many years, offering superior local heating and cooling repair services. Our specialists work hard to meet the requirements of our clients and guarantee to provide you with a service; you can entirely rely upon. To satisfy your service experience with us, we offer competitive pricing on each of our services. Contact us to know more about our services and take advantage of the leading HVAC service company in Newark.

AC Installation or AC Repair Newark- Which Service Do I Need If My AC Is Not Turning On?

Global climate change has immensely impacted the way we live. Keeping your home cooler during summers is not a luxury in today’s world, but it’s a necessity. An air conditioner not only provides you with cooler homes, but it helps to maintain good health for your family. Having an air conditioning system feels nothing less than a blessing. But what will happen if someday you find out that your air conditioner is not turning on?

No wonder the inside temperature of your home rises drastically in an air-conditioned apartment as compared to one without an AC. The reason is simple; an air-conditioned house is mostly constrained from any outside airflow, causing comfort inside your home when your AC is on and causing equal or more discomfort when it’s not.

But what do you need next- an installation or AC repair in Newark?

When You Need an AC Installation Newark?

If you are buying a new conditioner, or if you want to change the location of your existing air conditioner- you are going to need an AC installation service. A professionally installed air conditioner is beneficial for you in many ways. Not only your AC works efficiently until the maximum life expectancy, but it costs you fewer repair services. Our technicians for AC installation Newark will help you to place your air conditioning system at the right location and with expertise so that you get maximum airflow throughout your house and nothing less.

Our HVAC experts can also guide you while buying a new air conditioner. By measuring the area needed to be cooled down or the total area of your home where you want to install the air conditioner- our technicians can guide you through buying a perfect sized AC for your home.

When You Need an AC Repair Newark?

If your AC has stopped working suddenly, you must call for a repair service without wasting much time. Sometimes even the smallest repairs of the air conditioners may save the system from major break downs. Our AC experts perform a thorough system inspection before starting their job. Thus, whatever is the problem with your air conditioner- everything gets detected and fixed in a single repair call.

There is no specific time for an AC break down. Thus, we are always ready with our tools and tactics to get your air conditioner fixed at any time you need us. Call us at 973-560-9198 and schedule an appointment. One of our technicians will pay you a quick visit and bring your air conditioner back to normal again.

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