To suffer through the summer heat because you don’t have access to a good air conditioner is one thing, but suffering because you know it’s your fault is another. Having an HVAC system isn’t just a luxury but a need in this climate-changing environment of ours. But just getting the service installed isn’t enough. You must get the appliance repaired by getting AC installation in Hudson, NJ to use it seamlessly.

Getting a new device every time an air conditioner stops working isn’t a practical approach. But to know that giving it regular servicing by contacting HVAC contractor in Hudson is the key to an air conditioner with par excellence delivery. 

An air conditioner consists of many components, any of them can hamper its working if it gets faulty. Air conditioner servicing perceives and then repairs the problem and the part. Knowing how much the servicing costs are a good asset that helps one get the needy parts of the appliance repaired.

Cost of common air conditioning services

Leakage repair

The leakage of refrigerants is a common problem that many people face. The service costs between $150-$500. The service includes getting a hand on the leakage location and then mending it, which is tricky work to do and prevent any future leakage.

Thermostat replacement

Thermostats are one of the most common air conditioner defaulters. They require it almost once a year. With the onset of wifi-operated thermostats in the market, the service now costs somewhere between $200-$550. It’s a future investment in terms of saving energy.

AC Fan motor fix

AC Fan motors can be dealt with in two ways, you can either get them replaced or get the same one repaired. Which one of the two to choose depends upon the condition of the prevalent one and the duration for which it is working. Getting it replaced with a new one costs between $500-$1200.

AC Circuit board replacement

The external can also serve as a major part in the hampered working of an air conditioner, and getting the circuit board replacement is a good option to tackle the problem. The service costs between $450-$1300.

Duct cleaning

Dust getting settled in parts of the air conditioner is a common problem that affects the smooth functioning of the appliance. While moderate dust can be cleaned up and repaired, extreme and long-term ignorance requires a duct replacement. It costs approximately between $500-$2000.

Capacitor and contactor replacement

Getting these parts replaced is the best option to pay for rather than getting a whole new appliance as the chances are high that non-functioning of these parts is causing your air conditioner not to cool its surroundings. Getting the capacitor replaced costs between $250-$300, and getting the contractor replaced costs somewhere between $150-$350.

Checking up on the above-mentioned parts and getting them replaced or repaired once every year is much lighter on your pocket than getting a new appliance. 

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