Have you lately switched on your furnace, waited a few minutes for it to warm up, and then discovered that it is spewing chilly air? Contact the heating repair experts in the Hudson, NJ, area to fix this issue.

A variety of issues may cause this.

Don’t be concerned if your furnace is spewing chilly air. Here are numerous things you may do to improved it. Go through this troubleshooting guide to find out what has to be done!


Make sure the thermostat is adjusted to the right temperature. Ensure your thermostat is set to AUTO if it has an ON and AUTO function.

If it’s set to on, the fan will run continually, and there won’t be any heat. Reset it to AUTO, and you’re ready to go.

Out of gas

You may have check out of gas if you have a gas-powered furnace. The pilot light should be turned on to begin the warm air process. If the gasoline is not gone, your fan will continue to function, but it will not blast warm air out of the vents. Our experts from the heater installation in Hudson, NJ area can fix the issue.

Issues with the control board

There might be an problem with the control board in your furnace. Consider shutting off the main switch and then turning it back on after 30 seconds if this is the case. On starting, the machine may reset itself and usually work.

Overheating of the furnace

The issue might be an overheating furnace if you feel cold air. Some furnaces include a safety system that will shut down the unit if it becomes too hot to the point of causing a fire, but the fan will continue to operate.

A blockage may cause this in the airflow. The ideal place to start is with your air filter. If your air filters is clogged, it will restrict airflow, causing your furnace to overheat and shut down.

The pilot light has gone out.

You may need to check your pilot light if you have an older furnace. When your pilot light goes out, the gas will keep running without igniting and warming the air.

For information on relighting the pilot, see the furnace’s handbook. If you are unable to do so, it is preferable to enlist the help of a furnace repair specialist.

Oil filter clog

Dirt, trash, and other sediments may block the filter of an oil-fired furnace. When this occurs, the clog may obstruct ignition and cause the heating process to halt.

Poor ductwork

Due to holes in your ductwork, your heater may be venting cold air. If the vents have holes, hot air will never reach them.

Ensure your ductwork is free of holes and leaks by examining it with a qualified furnace expert from our HVAC contractor in Hudson area.

Has your furnace been inspected if it is blowing cold air?

Preventative maintenance is a great technique to ensure that issues don’t arise again.

If your furnace is blowing cold air, the best thing you can do is get it checked out by a professional from our heater replacement in Hudson, NJ area. Just call Ronjon heating and cooling INC at (973) 560-9198.