When the air gets too cold, your furnace will automatically switch on if it is in excellent working condition. When the temperature in your house or office is optimal, the heating system cuts off automatically, and because it’s so common, you probably don’t give it much thought. However, if your furnace switches on and off at strange times throughout the day, it might indicate a severe problem.

Detecting the problem

Short cycling

Short cycling is the most typical reason for a furnace going on and off. These is the term used to describe problems with the heating system. If not detected and treated as soon as possible, short cycling may cause irreparable damage to your heating system and higher energy expenses. Three to six times each hour, a traditional heating system turns on and off. To detect a problem with short-cycling our heater repair in Hudson, NJ region, specialists conduct a test cycle on your heating unit and count the number of instances it stops and restarts over 60 minutes.

Maintain a close watch on your air filters

One of the most prevalent reasons for short cycling is also one of the most simple to correct. If you don’t clean or change your heating system’s air filter regularly, it might severely limit its performance. The filter prevents warm air from passing through, causing the machine to overheat. This gives the heating system the impression that your home is already comfortable. The unit then shuts down, causing your home to get cold, signaling that the system must be restarted. Replace the air filters at the start of each new seasons and examine it once a month to avoid this problem by the experts from our heater replacement in Hudson, NJ area.

Check your thermostat

Rather than the machine itself, a faulty thermostat is the most common reason for short cycling. Assure your thermostat is switched on and set to the right settings before assuming your heating system requires it to be fixed. Your thermostat’s position is also crucial. It may detect that the temperature in your home is too warm if it is too close to another heat source, such as direct sunlight or a heat register. Your heating system will turn off if this happens. Call the experts of our furnace/heater installation in Hudson, NJ area to fix this issue.

Other factors that contribute to inadequate cycling

If you’ve ruled out a dirty air filters or a malfunctioning thermostat, the problem might be caused by one of the following:

  • Corrosion-prone flame sensor
  • An insufficiently sized heating system
  • Objects that have been stuck in the chimney or the air vents

Ignoring a furnace that cycles on and off often is not an intelligent choice. Contact a qualified HVAC technician from our heat pump repair in Hudson, NJ area to inspect your system as soon as you spot a problem. If you don’t, you may be forced to pay for costly repairs or perhaps the complete replacement of your system. Another great way to avoid expensive repairs or replacements is regular preventive maintenance and scheduling a tune-up at least once a year.

If you suspect any of these issues, make an appointment with an expert HVAC technician at Ronjon Heating and Cooling INC by calling at (973) 560-9198.