Routine heater maintenance Newark of your furnace system is necessary if you want it to last throughout the winter season without facing any major breakdown issues. Scheduling frequent furnace repair, Newark will do just the trick to ensure that your furnace system’s performance is optimized!

Signs like pungent odors, squeaking or popping sounds, metallic smells, indicate that your furnace requires immediate repair. 

Reasons why furnace maintenance is important

Your furnace is likely to show signs of wear and tear over time. Procrastinating on repairs might result in severe damage to your furnace system, so it’s important to get your furnace repaired right away. Some reasons for this include:

Prolongevity of your furnace lifetime

On average, homeowners have reported that the furnace systems that are annually serviced last five years longer. This will also help save up on extra utility costs or prevent any major breakdowns in the future. 

Ensures maximum efficiency

Most parts of your furnace unit are likely to wear down when heavily used, especially during winter. The most common issue faced by homeowners is clogged air filters. The filters collect the debris, dirt, and dust from preventing them from entering the unit. To maximize the efficiency of the furnace system, get your air filters replaced frequently, every 3-4 months. 

Utility bills

When your furnace system is serviced annually, it does not need to put on an extra load to deliver heat energy to the entire room. Thus, saving on excess utility bills. Investing in regular maintenance is key to reducing costs. 


When your furnace system circulates warm air throughout your home, it also circulates air and other particles with it. Keeping your furnace system serviced ensures no gas leakages that cause serious health hazards to your entire family. Carbon monoxide is also exhausted from the drainpipe outside your house. If you encounter any leakages immediately vacant the place, call in a professional for heater installation in Hudson, NJ.

Fewer repairs

Scheduling frequent servicing of your furnace system prevents your furnace unit from facing any major repairs or breakdowns. Imagine having to spend the frosty nights without getting insulated due to a faulty furnace system. To avoid all this, the furnace must be kept in good conditions to ensure the best performance. 


When you schedule repairs for the furnace system, this keeps the warranty of the system valid. Keeping the warranty valid is essential in case your furnace system encounters some major issues. 

No-cost ways to increase the efficiency of your furnace system:

  • Annual deep cleaning of the furnace
  • Use a smart thermostat device
  • Efficient ductwork system
  • Frequent changing of the air filters
  • Use fans to circulate the warm air
  • Use a humidifier

Like any other electrical appliance, your furnace system must be serviced annually. If you are looking for HVAC contractor in Hudson, Ron Jon Inc is just a phone call away. Contact us at (973) 560-9198, to schedule a service. For more details drop in a mail at