AC Tune Up In East Hanover, Hudson, Union, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

AC Tune Up & Air Conditioning Maintenance in East Hanover, Hudson, Union, New Jersey, and the Surrounding Areas

AC Tune Up In East Hanover, NJ

Typical professional maintenance services that may keep your cooling system at peak performance may include the following actions:

  • Check for adequate air flow
  • Look over outdoor condenser coil  and indoor evaporator coils
  • Check outside and inside refrigerant lines and inspect for leaks
  • Clear indoor drain lines and pans
  • Check external and internal electrical connections
  • Check operation of indoor blower components
  • Lubricate internal and external motors, bearings and other moving parts
  • Inspect Exterior Fan

During your tune up, if your HVAC technician reveals that an aging, lower SEER air conditioning unit may be the primary culprit of your high utility bills, you should research the cost/benefits of installing a higher SEER replacement unit.

AC Tune Up In East Hanover, NJ

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