Why Is My Central Heating So Noisy?

Having an efficient heating system is necessary to prepare for the winters. A well-maintained central heating system is more likely to last the entire winter season without facing any major breakdowns. 

Some wear and tear are common when it comes to central heating systems in New Jersey. The wear and tear can occur due to the age of the system, periodic servicing, or continuous usage. To avoid such issues, reach out to furnace repair in Newark, NJ, for your annual central heating system maintenance. 

Different noises indicate different problems in the central heating system

Ever noticed loud, weird noises coming out of your central heating system when it is running? Such noises occur when there are some internal problems with your system. There are different reasons behind different noises. Such as: 

Groaning noises

If you notice loud banging or groaning noises coming out of your heating system while it’s running, this is mainly due to the pipework. As there is hot water present inside the pipes, it causes them to expand, and you can also notice leakages in the pipes due to this reason. 

To prevent this, secure the pipework and make sure it is covered properly. Sometimes, you can notice these sounds also because your thermostat is set at a very high temperature. It is best advised to purchase a programmable thermostat to avoid such situations. 

Gurgling noises

The boiler present inside your central heating unit is responsible for transferring hot water through the radiators to provide you with enough heat and hot water. Sometimes when the boilers are not maintained properly, it is noticed that you can hear loud clanging or gurgling noises coming out of your unit. To prevent this, contact a professional for HVAC repair in Newark, NJ

To prevent any issues with the boilers, make sure the boiler is serviced annually and wash the debris and other dirt off the boilers to ensure it functions optimally. Installing a water softener or an electrolytic scale reducer is also a cost-effective method to prevent any damages. 

Humming sounds

While your central heating system is up and running and you can hear humming sounds coming out of your unit, then the pumps are to be blamed. There may be some issue with the speed of your pumping system that is causing the noise. Contact an expert to diagnose the problem. Do not attempt a DIY until you are aware of all the technicalities, as reducing the speed can cause the unit to heat the place slowly, and running it for too long can cause additional damages to the pump. 

Dripping sounds

If you can hear water dripping when your central heating system is functioning, this indicates that there is a leakage somewhere in the ductwork. Before the cold temperatures, inspect the ductwork and the pipes for any leakages. 

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How Much Does AC Servicing Cost?

To suffer through the summer heat because you don’t have access to a good air conditioner is one thing, but suffering because you know it’s your fault is another. Having an HVAC system isn’t just a luxury but a need in this climate-changing environment of ours. But just getting the service installed isn’t enough. You must get the appliance repaired by getting AC repair in Newark to use it seamlessly.

Getting a new device every time an air conditioner stops working isn’t a practical approach. But to know that giving it regular servicing by contacting HVAC companies in Newark, NJ is the key to an air conditioner with par excellence delivery. 

An air conditioner consists of many components, any of them can hamper its working if it gets faulty. Air conditioner servicing perceives and then repairs the problem and the part. Knowing how much the servicing costs are a good asset that helps one get the needy parts of the appliance repaired.

Cost of common air conditioning services

Leakage repair

The leakage of refrigerants is a common problem that many people face. The service costs between $150-$500. The service includes getting a hand on the leakage location and then mending it, which is tricky work to do and prevent any future leakage.

Thermostat replacement

Thermostats are one of the most common air conditioner defaulters. They require it almost once a year. With the onset of wifi-operated thermostats in the market, the service now costs somewhere between $200-$550. It’s a future investment in terms of saving energy.

AC Fan motor fix

AC Fan motors can be dealt with in two ways, you can either get them replaced or get the same one repaired. Which one of the two to choose depends upon the condition of the prevalent one and the duration for which it is working. Getting it replaced with a new one costs between $500-$1200.

AC Circuit board replacement

The external can also serve as a major part in the hampered working of an air conditioner, and getting the circuit board replacement is a good option to tackle the problem. The service costs between $450-$1300.

Duct cleaning

Dust getting settled in parts of the air conditioner is a common problem that affects the smooth functioning of the appliance. While moderate dust can be cleaned up and repaired, extreme and long-term ignorance requires a duct replacement. It costs approximately between $500-$2000.

Capacitor and contactor replacement

Getting these parts replaced is the best option to pay for rather than getting a whole new appliance as the chances are high that non-functioning of these parts is causing your air conditioner not to cool its surroundings. Getting the capacitor replaced costs between $250-$300, and getting the contractor replaced costs somewhere between $150-$350.

Checking up on the above-mentioned parts and getting them replaced or repaired once every year is much lighter on your pocket than getting a new appliance. 

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Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important?

Routine heater maintenance Newark of your furnace system is necessary if you want it to last throughout the winter season without facing any major breakdown issues. Scheduling frequent furnace repair, Newark will do just the trick to ensure that your furnace system’s performance is optimized!

Signs like pungent odors, squeaking or popping sounds, metallic smells, indicate that your furnace requires immediate repair. 

Reasons why furnace maintenance is important

Your furnace is likely to show signs of wear and tear over time. Procrastinating on repairs might result in severe damage to your furnace system, so it’s important to get your furnace repaired right away. Some reasons for this include:

Prolongevity of your furnace lifetime

On average, homeowners have reported that the furnace systems that are annually serviced last five years longer. This will also help save up on extra utility costs or prevent any major breakdowns in the future. 

Ensures maximum efficiency

Most parts of your furnace unit are likely to wear down when heavily used, especially during winter. The most common issue faced by homeowners is clogged air filters. The filters collect the debris, dirt, and dust from preventing them from entering the unit. To maximize the efficiency of the furnace system, get your air filters replaced frequently, every 3-4 months. 

Utility bills

When your furnace system is serviced annually, it does not need to put on an extra load to deliver heat energy to the entire room. Thus, saving on excess utility bills. Investing in regular maintenance is key to reducing costs. 


When your furnace system circulates warm air throughout your home, it also circulates air and other particles with it. Keeping your furnace system serviced ensures no gas leakages that cause serious health hazards to your entire family. Carbon monoxide is also exhausted from the drainpipe outside your house. If you encounter any leakages immediately vacant the place, call in a professional for furnace repair in Newark.

Fewer repairs

Scheduling frequent servicing of your furnace system prevents your furnace unit from facing any major repairs or breakdowns. Imagine having to spend the frosty nights without getting insulated due to a faulty furnace system. To avoid all this, the furnace must be kept in good conditions to ensure the best performance. 


When you schedule repairs for the furnace system, this keeps the warranty of the system valid. Keeping the warranty valid is essential in case your furnace system encounters some major issues. 

No-cost ways to increase the efficiency of your furnace system:

  • Annual deep cleaning of the furnace
  • Use a smart thermostat device
  • Efficient ductwork system
  • Frequent changing of the air filters
  • Use fans to circulate the warm air
  • Use a humidifier

Like any other electrical appliance, your furnace system must be serviced annually. If you are looking for heater maintenance in Newark, Ron Jon Inc is just a phone call away. Contact us at (973) 560-9198, to schedule a service. For more details drop in a mail at mailto:contactus@ronjonhvac.com.



Skills Every HVAC Technician Should Have

Just like any other career, your HVAC career requires a dynamic resume too. For a sturdy career in the HVAC sector, you would need to gain a lot of skills and certifications. Portraying your skills, experience, knowledge, and expertise through the document can help you put forward your best image. 

An HVAC technician is expected to work on projects like HVAC repair in Newark, NJ and other areas. All of these tasks demand knowledge of the systems, experience with the equipment, and rational thinking. 

There is a list of technical skill sets which every HVAC technician should learn to create their professional proficiency. 

Along with experience, education, certifications, and training, here are a few important skills that you should acquire to work as an HVAC technician:

  • Ability to find the problem in the device and fix it with precision.
  • Replacement of HVAC parts when the system breaks down.
  • Installation of all HVAC devices like AC installation.
  • Trained to use all the power tools needed for various purposes. Most importantly, the ability to use those power tools securely.
  • Soft skills like communication, flexibility and other skills are essential for diligent customer service. The technician has to have a clean and courteous professional appearance.
  • Should know how to install all parts individually as well like pumps, pipes, coils, fans, etc. Each part has a different maintenance and installation process. 
  • Critical troubleshooting skills for cooling and heating systems. Also, quick problem-solving skills are important to fix the damage safely and timely.
  • Maintenance of air and water treatments in HVAC systems
  • Should know what preventative maintenance has to be performed on the system so that the HVAC does not undergo frequent failures or damages. It is important to learn how to fix the problem and use methods to perpetually keep the issue at bay.
  • Developing flexibility skills is significant as technicians have to work throughout the year and in tough situations like extreme winters too. 

All these skills can be put to use effectively only if you have adequate theoretical knowledge too. Here are a few sections which you need to be thorough with:

  • General knowledge about the basic functioning of all HVAC devices and systems. 
  • Adequate knowledge to identify the type of repair required for a particular system, based on the issue and signs.
  • All safety procedures, protocols, and basic HVAC operating instructions should be clear and should be understood in detail.
  • Knowledge about the local regulations and authorities regarding HVAC systems.
  • Well-versed with work strategies, ethics, and schematics

Every profession requires diligence and determination in terms of both practical and intellectual knowledge of the industry. All of these skills and knowledge areas are beneficial for a long-term career as an HVAC technician. 

We can solve all your HVAC issues. All our technicians possess all of these skills and are hired based on the same. 

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How Do You Troubleshoot An Air Conditioner That Isn’t Cooling?

Even the most excellent air conditioners can develop problems over time. Is your air conditioner not cooling? Depending on the problem, your AC can be repaired, or in extreme cases, you may have to look for AC installation in Newark

To avoid installation or replacement, use this AC troubleshooting list to detect and solve common AC problems such as AC not cooling. 

Reasons your AC is not cooling and how to troubleshoot

The thermostat has been set inaccurately

When you find your home becoming a little hotter than usual, check the thermostat settings first. Check that it is set to cool. If the thermostat is set to cool, double-check the temperature setting to ensure it hasn’t been altered.

Filthy air filter

An air filter in or near the interior air handler unit may be part of your air conditioning system. As dirt, dust, and other airborne particles enter the air handler unit, the filter traps them. 

A fully functional air filter keeps the system’s components cleaner and more efficient, and it can help keep the air in your house cleaner as well. A clogged air filter can obstruct circulation and limit cooling in your house. 

The condenser unit is broken

If your air conditioner is not cooling inside temperatures, one possible cause is a clogged or obstructed condenser coil. When working correctly, the condenser fan pulls air into the outside unit via the condenser coil, extracting heat energy from your home. 

Dirt, grass, and other flying debris can build up between the fins and jam the coil. A dirty coil might result in decreased energy efficiency and a lack of cold air from the registers. A dirty coil might result in decreased energy efficiency and a lack of cold air from the registers.

Broken heat pump

Check the thermostat settings, the air filter, and the condenser unit for previously stated faults if your heat pump system isn’t cooling. If everything appears to be in orders, but you’re still sweltering inside, contact your local HVAC dealer.

The evaporator coil has frozen

Below are some signs of a frozen evaporator coil:

  • Frost is developing copper refrigerant tubing exiting the coil cabinet.
  • Insufficient cooling.
  • Increased electricity expenses.
  • Excessive condensate leakage near your indoor unit.
  • Frost is developing on outside refrigerant tubing or the outdoor unit in severe circumstances.

Reaching the evaporator coil is complicated, so we suggest not doing it yourself. Always opt for professional help and look for HVAC repairs in Newark, NJ.

Leaking refrigerant

A refrigerant is necessary for cooling. It circulates through the system’s interior and outdoor coils, converting from liquid to a gaseous state, absorbing heat energy and humidity from the inside air and releasing it outdoors. 

Depending on its severity, a refrigerant leak might lead to your AC system not blowing cold air. Are you wondering if it’s time to update your air conditioner? We’re here to help you with your HVAC repair in Newark.

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Points To Know Before You Buy A New A/C

Air conditioners have become an unavoidable necessity in our daily lives. Many aspects, such as price, cooling power, and energy efficiency, differentiate air conditioning units. Buyers have grown more conscious of their needs due to the introduction of new technologies, healthcare benefits, and energy efficiency. They now have a large selection of product offers and brands to choose from.

If you’ve already gone for an HVAC repair in Newark, NJ, and you still haven’t received the required efficiency from your AC unit, maybe it’s time to purchase a new one. Following are some things to know before you decide on buying a new A/C for your home – 

Room Size

The capacity or size of your air conditioning unit should match the size of your room. Always pick an air conditioner that has the proper cooling efficiency for your room’s size. It will not offer enough dehumidification if it is larger; an AC unit with far too elevated a cooling capacity for the room will switch off and on often. A smaller unit will cost you more in terms of energy consumption if it is smaller.


It is vital to properly install your air conditioner to get the most out of it. A split air conditioner has the indoor unit within the room and the compressor unit outside the home, while a window air conditioner is a compact appliance meant to be fitted to windows. As a result, have the device installed by the vendor or an authorized appliance repair firm to avoid any mistakes. The performance of an air conditioner is determined by how well it is installed.

Noise level

Consider the noise level while purchasing an air conditioner. In its product specs, each air conditioner specifies a noise level of operation. The noise levels should preferably be under 50 decibels. An air conditioner that creates a lot of noise might disrupt not just your sleep but also the sleep of your neighbours.

Energy efficiency

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has established EER ratings for air conditioners. EER stands for energy efficiency rating in stars.

All air conditioners are required to carry an energy-rating label with a star rating system. The higher the number of stars, the better. AC’s with higher star ratings will require significantly less power, consequently saving money on your energy bill in the long term.

Air quality

When installing air conditioners at home, it is crucial to pay attention to indoor air quality since air conditioners with a good filter are vital for improving indoor air quality. Air filters in today’s air conditioners eliminate odours, smoke, and pathogens from the air. An effective filter maintains clean air while also improving an air conditioner’s cooling capacity and energy efficiency by preventing dust from choking the evaporator coil.

By taking care of these things before purchasing your new A/C unit, you can be sure that you get the most effective air conditioning unit for your home. After you’re done choosing, if you’re looking for a reliable provider of AC installation in Newarkcontact us at Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc., you can do so by calling us at (973)-560-9198 today!


Guide To Troubleshooting Your Problems Before You Call HVAC Experts?

It is not always necessary to hire a professional HVAC expert to resolve your issues. The good news is that you can easily identify common HVAC issues on your own before calling an HVAC expert. Before you contact Heating Services in Newark, NJ, here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot your problems – 


The thermostat in your system regulates the temperature in your house. Your house might be too hot or too chilly if it isn’t working correctly. The batteries in digital thermostats need to be changed regularly. Replace an outdated thermostat with a newer unit if you have one


Filters that are dirty lead to poor indoor air quality and an ineffective HVAC system. Check your filters. If they’re dirty, replace them. The issue with your HVAC system might be as simple as blocked air filters.

Condenser coil

The condenser coil performs a critical function. It’s responsible for moving the heat that’s extracted from the air out of your house and into the surroundings. As a component of your outdoor unit, it is subject to the weather, including dust and soot.

Heat cannot travel as effectively as it should when dirt and debris build up in the coils. Often this leads to air that isn’t as cool as it should be, as well as additional wear and tear on your unit. Fortunately, all you’ll need is a garden hose and perhaps some currently accessible condenser cleaner to fix it.

Corroded parts

Excessive moisture may wreak havoc on HVAC systems in humid environments. The coils and other components may rust and erode as a result. 

Check the power

Among the most frequent problems homeowners have is that their AC won’t turn on at all. It doesn’t make any noise and doesn’t blow any air. Before you overreact, check to ensure you’re not facing a common power problem.

A blown electrical fuse or tripped circuit breakers are two possibilities. It’s also possible that you’re dealing with some frazzled or damaged wires. Your system should resume regular operation after you’ve resolved the power concerns.

Inspect the ductwork

This leads us to our next piece of advice: inspect your ductwork. Your home’s ductwork distributes airflow across your home. Your ducts might be at fault if your air conditioner isn’t keeping up or if some rooms are hot while others are chilly.

They might tear as a result of rodents or improper maintenance in the region. The cooled air may escape via these gaps in your walls. This will also cause your system to work even harder, causing additional wear and tear, as well as increasing your utility expenses.

Don’t give up if you’ve already tried these HVAC troubleshooting methods, and they haven’t worked. By calling Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc., one of the leading HVAC companies in Newark, NJ, you can get the best quality assistance for all your HVAC needs. Call them today at 973-560-9198, or you can also visit their website to schedule a service or request an estimate!

10 Questions To Consider Asking Before Repairing Or Replacing Your AC System

One of the best things about having an air conditioner is being able to remain cool and comfortable at home during the hot summer months. On the other hand, this only happens as long as the system is in peak condition. There may come a time when you will have to consider a new AC installation in Newark regardless of the frequent repairs your system may have had.

Questions to consider before repairing or replacing your system

Keeping in mind that you may require an AC repair in Newark, there are some things that you will need to be aware of beforehand. 

Is a technician required?

The first thing to consider is whether you need to call a technician. If the problem is simple enough, you can resolve it personally.

What is the current efficiency of your system?

Before you consider scheduling an AC installation in Newark, check to see your system’s current efficiency level. This will help you decide if you simply need to have it repaired.

Why won’t the house cool down?

This could be due to there being a problem with your thermostat. If it is faulty or set on the wrong temperature, your system can run without cooling your home.

Why is the electricity bill slowly increasing?

Your electricity bill is likely to spike because of a dip in the efficiency level of your system. Rather than wait, call for an AC repair in Newark immediately.

Why are some rooms warmer?

If you have a central cooling system and notice some rooms are warmer, the air filter may be dirty and require cleaning or changing.

How old is the AC unit?

Based on the age of your system, you may simply require it to be repaired. A replacement is ideal for older units as the older it is, the more problems will arise.

Does the system need Freon? 

As of January 2020, the use of Freon has been banned in the USA. That means if there is a leak in your refrigerant, it will be impossible to refill, resulting in you needing a new AC installation in Newark.

Does the HVAC Company offer a free price quote?

When you call an HVAC company, first ask if they offer a free price quotation. This will give you an idea of the issue with your system and how much is needed to fix it.

Will a newer model be beneficial?

Newer models are being released with major modifications and upgrades. As these come with a higher price tag, see if they are beneficial to you first before replacing your system.

How long will you live in this home?

It is important to consider how long you will be living in your current home. If you plan to shift soon, then it is better to have your current system repaired and a new one installed when you shift.

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Tips for Hiring the Best HVAC Company

There are lots of reasons why a person will need to hire an HVAC company. It could be that they are looking to have their system maintained and repaired, or they could be looking for a HVAC repair in Newark, NJ. However, before selecting an HVAC company, there are a few things to look out for.

How to hire the best HVAC company

An HVAC company not only provides AC repair in Newark, NJbut they also help ensure that your system remains in peak condition. Here is a guide to help you hire the best in the field:

Check for experience

Like a lot of people say, the older, the better. The older an HVAC company is, the more experience they will have. This will help in reassuring a person in regards to the quality of work they do. A company with more experience can handle any job that comes its way, regardless of how difficult or easy it may seem. This also means that all their technicians are aware of the latest trends and technology within the field.

Check out their credentials

An established HVAC company will be certified, with each of its technicians having an updated license. This ensures that these individuals have been checked and awarded their credentials by the HVAC Excellence program. It is also a good idea to be aware of what license is required in your state and if the company has it. This will make the purchase of any AC repair Newark quick and easy.

Read reviews and testimonials

The internet is a good place to find reviews and testimonials given by other individuals about a certain HVAC company. This will give you an idea of how the company operates and if they fall within your comfort zone. It is also a good idea to second guess companies that have too many positive reviews. While this is often a good thing, it sometimes could be too good to be true.

Check their location

There may be a lot of reputable and established HVAC companies that come up in your search. However, it is a good idea to focus on those that are closer to you. Not only will it ensure a quick response time from the company, but it also makes it easier for you to rely on them. A person is more reassured by something closer on hand rather than one much further away. It will also make things smoother when scheduling an heating repair in Newark, NJ.

Ask for cost estimates

A lot of HVAC companies that are considered the best also offer competitive prices catered to each individual’s budget. However, some have a fixed cost estimate. It is better to ask for an estimate from the companies on your list beforehand. This will help you choose the one that is the least expensive. However, it is also important to be aware of prices that may be too low.

With 30 years of combined experience in the field, Ron Jon Heating & Cooling is one of the best HVAC companies within the area. The company offers top-quality products and services, keeping their customers happy. Call (973) 560-9198 for any questions you may have.

Dangers of Hiring an Unlicensed HVAC Contractor

When your budget is tight, it can be rather tempting to levitate toward hiring a cheap HVAC contractor. You may wonder what’s wrong in hiring an unlicensed contractor for some quick HVAC repair in NJ. While you may save a few dollars when you hire an unlicensed contractor for a quick AC fix, the odds are you will end up dealing with more complex issues that will cost you more money! There are several things that can go horribly wrong when you hire an unlicensed HVAC contractor.

Sloppy Craftsmanship:

Homeowners tend to hire the first cheapest HVAC contractor they find when they are in a hurry to fix their cooling unit. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the work you want when you hire unlicensed contractors. Professional HVAC companies in NJ, on the other hand, hire licensed contractors that are required to pass exams which shows that they are competent within their field. Licensed professionals also have years of extensive experience and hold EPA certifications. This means you can trust them with your expensive equipment and have it working while you can focus on other important things.

Safety Hazards:

When you hire an unlicensed contractor, there is always the fear of shoddy craftsmanship. For instance, an HVAC contractor who is not licensed may install a furnace but overlook a gas leak which in turn could result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Licensed and experienced HVAC professionals, on the other hand, have the technical know-how on how to install an HVAC unit and conduct tests to ensure that the installation is safe and complete.

Poor HVAC Systems:

Another drawback of hiring unskilled contractors is that they could botch the installation process which could, in turn, mess up your expensive HVAC unit. Poor installation can also lead to inefficient heating or cooling and expenses due to subsequent repair work. Therefore, you will do good in hiring a licensed HVAC contractor who can get the job done right the first time around.


This is something most homeowners overlook. If the contractor you are hiring is not licensed, it is likely they do not have insurance either. Wondering how this can affect you? This is how! If an unlicensed contractor sustains an injury while working on your HVAC unit, you may be held liable for the injuries. On the contrary, when you hire a licensed HVAC service provider, they will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This means you will not have to spend a dime toward an accident that may occur in your home.

Hiring a reliable HVAC contractor for installation or repair work is important. Be sure to check the reviews of the company you plan to hire. Do not hold back on any questions you may have in mind and feel free to have the company show you their license and insurance coverage. A stitch in time saves nine! So, hire Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc. – a reliable and licensed HVAC contractor that prides in quality workmanship and affordable pricing. Call us today at 973-560-9198.