Best HVAC services in Newark, NJ

The heaters, air conditioners, and other HVAC equipment play an essential role in our lives. They make it easier for us to bear with the summer heat and go through the harsh and chilling winters conveniently. 

If we wish to prolong the lives of these HVAC appliances, we must see to it that they are taken care of at regular intervals of time. Why so? The primary reason is that if any such appliance is left without care for long periods, it can go out of order because of the accumulation of dust; this, in turn, accelerates the wear and tear of these appliances.

Moreover, when not looked after properly and professionally, these appliances can result in a lot of unwanted issues. To give you some examples, they can emit weird sounds, smell bad, let out a poor airflow, and so forth. Here, we would like you to understand that the foul smell that they cause can be harmful to your health as it contains pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, in more than permitted and safe amounts.

Furthermore, if your electricity bills happen to be a lot more than what you expected, then neglecting the care of your HVAC equipment might be one of the causes.

Therefore, to counter all of these issues, you must procure an excellent HVAC servicing company. Here, you should be extremely careful because these HVAC appliances are costly, and you would not want them to be handled by someone who is not adept at doing so.

Well, you do not have to worry about any of these problems in Newark, NJ anymore because we, at Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc., are amongst the best HVAC repair in Newark NJ. Contact us now to witness our excellent services.

What services do we provide?

Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc. takes pride in providing its customers with a cluster of HVAC services. We are an all-inclusive company when it comes to such requirements. Therefore, you can count on us as we are one of the top HVAC companies in Newark NJ.

Following is a list of some of our services:

  • HVAC service
  • HVAC repair
  • HVAC maintenance
  • HVAC installation
  • HVAC tune-up
  • HVAC replacement
  • Smart thermostats
  • Ductless system

Why should you choose us?

You can choose us because we are experts at what we do. Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc. makes constant endeavours to better itself, and these fervent endeavours are what situates us as one of the top heating services in Newark, NJ.

The following factors make us a cut above the rest:

  • Experience: We have been serving our customers for more than two decades now; this experience allows us to serve you in the best manner possible.
  • On-time service: We know that no one likes delays; hence, we complete our work well within the deadline.
  • Round-the-clock service: Now, there is no way to foretell when your HVAC equipment would require professional care; you can, therefore, contact us at any point in time.
  • Financing solutions: You don’t have to worry if you’re running low on budget; feel free to avail of our financing solutions and maintenance plans.

5 Common Signs That You Need to Call For A Professional Heating Repair Right Now

As the winter gets chillier, you rely on your heating device. And you wish your furnace to work efficiently throughout the winter without any hassles. If you want to ensure your wish to come true, you need to be more vigilant about your heating device than ever during winter. Most homeowners worry about keeping their home cool during summers, and they quickly forget about the chilly nights. 

Home heating devices need as much care and attention as air conditioners do. And the primary causes of a malfunctioning heating unit are unprofessional installation and lousy maintenance. And what about the signs you need to look for to avoid such bad practices? 

Here Are 5 Most Common Signs That You Need A Heating Repair 

Higher Electricity Bills 

Probably this is one of the first signs that indicate that there is some problem with your heating device. While you are quite familiar that your electricity bills tend to go higher as the winter gets chillier, the difference should not be sky-high. 

Your Home Is Not As Warm As It Should Be 

If you still feel cold and uncomfortable in your home after setting the desired temperature on the thermostat, you should immediately ask a professional HVAC contractor to assist you. If your heating system is running continuously throughout the day and still not warming your home as desired, you need to address the problem as soon as you notice it. 

Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc. offers 24-hour heating repair in Newark, NJ, or HVAC repair in Newark, NJ, and our technicians are ready to fix your malfunctioning heating device at any point in time. 

Your System Is Emitting Unusual Noises 

A heating device operates without making loud noises because it is designed to do so. But if it is conspicuously and jarringly noisy while working, that indicates a malfunction. If such noises are coming out from the vents, it indicates that your system is not working correctly. It might be hard for you to determine the issues. 

Call Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc. for professional heating or furnace repair in Newark, NJ.

The Pilot Light Has Turned Yellow 

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the pilot light of your furnace. Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc. suggests doing this regularly. Your pilot light should be blue as opposed to yellow. But if you are witnessing a yellow pilot light, there must be some problem with your furnace. Leaving the problem for a long time can affect your furnace in the long run. 

There Are Multiple Cold Spots in Your Home 

If you find specific areas of your houses not heating up evenly as other spots, there must be some issue with your ductwork. Uneven heating is a common problem. It’s a good idea to call a professional to check the status of your heating device. 

Now you are aware of the most common signs to keep an eye on. Don’t wait for your furnace to have a broken part to call Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc. for a professional heating repair in Newark, NJGive us a call and let us inspect your system today.  

A DIY Furnace Inspection Handbook for New Furnace Owners

The season of using your furnace has finally arrived, and we hope you are all set to enjoy the warmth in the chilly weather. Winter is the “official heating season” for us at Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc., which means that our clients arrange for furnace repairs. For many people, turning on their old furnaces for the first time comes with a feeling of intimidation. Will it work properly, or will they need to have a costly furnace repair job – are some of the many things that run through their mind.

As a new furnace owner, if you have never seen the inside of a heating device, you can try your hands for the first time on a furnace inspection and minor repairs yourself.

This handbook will walk you through some furnace components you can inspect and the solutions if something is wrong. Trust us, once you start spending some time getting to know your furnace, you can decide when to call us for a furnace repair in Newark in the future.

Check the Air Filters 

Well, no furnace repair handbook is actually complete without mentioning the air filters. You probably know how an air filter looks like. Think of your furnace’s air filters as the gatekeeper for your device, which can trap the pollutants such as dust, dander, dirt, and other debris so that they can’t circulate inside your home.

Clogged air filters reduce the airflow and make your furnace work harder. Overworking of your furnace usually means that you need to pay for pricey heating repair in Newark and higher energy bills. Even though you don’t have the dirtiest air filter in town, change it every 30 to 60 days.

Check the Thermostat 

If you have enjoyed the summer and want to embrace the winter gracefully, you need to change the temperature setting with a thermostat. Set your thermostat to “HEAT”, and also make sure that you haven’t turned the fan “ON”.

You need to check the batteries of your thermostat and replace them if needed. If your thermostat does not use batteries, do a check of the control board or the circuit. Make sure that power is coming into the thermostat unit because if it is not, you need to call us for a professional furnace repair in Newark to help you.

Check the Burner 

The burner of your furnace has the same importance as the burner of your gas grill. It works along with the igniter and the flame sensor to control the flame of your furnace. Ensure that your burners are clean and there is no problem with the gas supply to the furnace.

If you don’t know how to access your burners, call us to help you.

We have shared some of the very few standard furnace inspection checklist you need to follow during your first DIY furnace inspection project. Your furnace is a complex system, and sometimes you need expert advice and guidance to take care of the device. If you’re not sure when to call for a professional HVAC repair in Newarkcontact us.


Know When to Consider a New Furnace Installation

Homeowners opt for new furnace installation not only when their systems are worn out, but also when they need an upgrade in technology and increased efficiency. Gradually strengthening their hold in the HVAC markets, new furnaces have a longer lifespan, are more sturdy and energy-efficient.

On the other hand, it’s always better to consider furnace repair in Newark before the onset of winters. So, if your HVAC vendor highlights the need for furnace replacement, you can act on time. Winters can get really brutal in Newark and making last-minute calls for emergency furnace replacement services would be the last thing you want.

A professional and licensed HVAC technician can help you find the right fit as per your requirements.  Be it furnace installation or replacement, it’s a long-term investment. Hence, an informed choice with the help of expert guidance is beneficial.

Signs You Need New Furnace Installation

Your Furnace Has Lost its Heating Potential

The most common sign that indicates you need to ditch frequent HVAC repair in Newark, NJ, and consider installing a new furnace is that it’s not producing enough heat. The problem might also be the age of your furnace, as they last for only 15-20 years. Moreover, if you skipped regular maintenance, it severely affects the working of your furnace leading to replacement.

If your furnace is creating problems with air quality, energy efficiency, heat loss, and ventilation issue, do not wait to replace your furnace. Call an HVAC contractor near you to schedule the furnace replacement service.

Frequent Need for Furnace Repair & Service

If the frequency of furnace repair is increasing along with the cost, it’s better to get the furnace replaced. With winters around the corner, you could experience the comfort and efficiency that your brand new furnace shall provide. Similarly, if you go by simple cost-benefit analysis, furnace installation will also save you money in the longer run.

The frequent need for repair arises due to common issues like strange noises, strong odors, inaccurate temperature levels, and disrupted coordination between thermostat and furnace.

Save Money with Energy-Efficient Upgrade

Several homeowners opt for furnace replacement over furnace repair in Newark because of unusually high utility bills due to an old or faulty furnace. Annual Fuel Use Efficiency (AFUE) is an indicator of furnace efficiency. Experts suggest that furnaces should have an AFUE of at least 78 percent. Some furnaces even offer an AFUE rating of 98 percent.

Your Furnace Type is Not the Right Fit

Furnaces come in different sizes and types. While the types depend on the fuel source—a furnace uses fuel like natural gas, oil, electricity, and propane. The size depends on the size and indoor environment of your house.

Sometimes, after installing a furnace you may realize it’s too big or too small for your house.  You may also realize that an electric furnace is more suited to you than a gas furnace. In these scenarios, it is advisable to replace the furnace.

If you are looking for furnace replacement or heating repair services in Newark, NJ, grab your FREE estimate with Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc. Call now on 973-560-9198 for a FREE consultation.

We have been providing HVAC services in New Jersey for decades. Our HVAC technicians are also available for 24/7 emergency HVAC services. Contact us for furnace repair in Newark.

Exceptional Heater Repair Service By Ron Jon HVAC

Is your heater having trouble reaching its peak efficiency these days? Do you hear strange sounds from the ductwork? Well, the sooner you realize the problem, the better! Machines send out warning signals before shutting down completely. Getting in touch with an HVAC professional immediately after spotting the first sign of malfunction would help in diagnosing the problem early and prevent emergency costly repairs and replacements.

Ignoring heating repair in Newark, NJ, is not a wise decision, keeping in mind how cold it gets here! The negligence not only causes you more money in repairs but also poses safety risks for your loved ones. You must be aware that your HVAC functions in tandem with high voltage, gases, and chemicals. These factors make it highly important for you to seek annual heater maintenance service at least once a year.

Reasons You Might Need Heating Repair

There are several reasons that may need heater repair. Having knowledge of what requires the intervention of professional HVAC technicians will help you seek heating services at the right time. If your heater is quite old and has been overused or has suffered physical trauma of any kind, you should not neglect the need for urgent heater repair.

Some other situations you need to keep in mind to identify the need for heater repair are:

  • Faulty heater parts
  • Neglecting of heater
  • Reduced airflow
  • Increasing energy bills

Importance of Well-Timed Heating Repair

Safety Concerns

Heaters are your closest companions during winters. Be it furnaces or heat pumps, sometimes the problem can be more serious than you imagine. A funny sound from your heater may seem harmless but can be a sign of delayed ignition, which can even lead to a furnace explosion.

So, leaving the matters of safety to a trained HVAC technician is in your best interest. Contact your nearest HVAC contractor for HVAC repair in Newark, NJ, if you are hearing any kind of noise from your heater.

Longevity of Heater

Maintaining healthy habits such as getting regular heater maintenance, helps in keeping premature repairs and damages at bay. But, if your heater is asking for any of the above-mentioned repairs, availing timely heating services will reduce the chances of long-term damage to your HVAC and hence need for HVAC repair in Newark, NJ, or even replacements.

The Right HVAC Contractor for Heating Installation and Repair

Be it heater installation in Newark, or maintenance, repair, replacement, or tune-ups, Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc. has earned an impeccable reputation in providing exemplary cooling and heating repair. Our industry experience dates back to over a quarter of a century.

Is your heater bothering you with any of the problems mentioned above? Our team of highly-trained and certified HVAC professionals is available for 24/7 emergency services; for any kind of assistance with Heating Repair. Call now at 973-560-9198 to avail of your FREE estimate or consultation.

furnace repair in Newark

Should I Schedule A Furnace Repair in Newark Or Replace the System?

Obviously, you depend on your home furnace’s operation to stay comfortable amidst the chilling winter season. If your furnace is having difficulties, the first thing you need to do is to call a furnace expert who can quickly assess the problems and troubleshoot. But we would suggest you make sure that you have clean air filters before you call for a furnace repair in Newark. Because often in many furnace repair calls, we have attended, we found out that the filters are badly clogged and only cleaning them could fix them.

When Should You Schedule A Furnace Repair in Newark Immediately? 

If your furnace is behaving strangely and not providing enough hot air inside your house, it’s better to get the system inspected by a professional HVAC technician. The technician can help you to detect all the underlying problems with your furnace and solve them faster. When you don’t want to compromise with your home comfort because of a malfunctioning furnace, you should call for a furnace repair. We have listed some of the signs which imply that calling a technician is your next step.

You Can Smell Foul Odor 

Either you can smell burnt wiring or gas inside your house coming out from your furnace, you need to call a furnace repair in new work immediately. Leaking gas or burning of wirings can be a dangerous problem that can cause a massive hazard to you and your family.

Irregular Blowing 

If your furnace is not working correctly and can’t get continuous warm air, you need to reach out to an HVAC technician. If your furnace fails to reach the desired temperature on your thermostat, that is a sure sign that it needs a repair.

Strange Knocking 

If your furnace is making irregular noises, that is an indicator that the system is on the verge of failure. Ensure that you listen to your furnace carefully a few times every winter, to ensure that it is not making any threatening noises.

When Must You Go for A Furnace Replacement Instead of a Furnace Repair in Newark? 

In our work span, we found many furnace systems to be beyond repairable. In such cases, we are left with no option but to replace the furnace. But if you want to keep yourself safe from a sudden breakdown, you can focus on an early replacement if:

Your System Is Too Old 

If your system is more than 10 years old, it is still worth repairing. But if the cost of the repair exceeds the value of your furnace, you must hire a certified technician to install a new system in the place of the old one.

Your System Is Running on Repair 

If you call for a furnace repair in Newark every now and then, it is better to stop expecting from your furnace to work any further. Spending on a new system is a better option when you are frequently pending on pricey repairs.

Ron Jon Heating & Cooling Inc, is one of the best HVAC Repair in Newark can help you maintain your home comfort through the services you need. If you feel that your furnace is not cooling up to the mark or malfunctioning, you can give us a call. Your safety is our utmost priority, and we make sure that your furnace is completely safe and functional.


How Often Should I Maintain My Air Conditioner to Avoid Emergency AC Repair in Newark?

The temperature is getting warmer every day. And obviously, your air conditioner is trying harder than ever to keep you calm and comfortable. This is a common question asked by most homeowners in Newark that how often they should maintain their air conditioner. The best time to maintain your AC is during spring, but if you have forgotten this spring, you still have time to reap the maintenance service benefits. Here we have some explanations on how an AC maintenance can help you in avoiding pricey AC repair in Newark.

An Overall Inspection Keeps Major Replacements Away 

A scheduled maintenance service usually cost you for an overall inspection of your air conditioner. An AC technician discovers any trouble in your air conditioner before they become more prominent and finish all minor AC repair in Newark before they trigger to costly damages. AC maintenance helps you to keep your system from the impact of a sudden breakdown during the hottest weeks of the summer. Regular maintenance of the AC components makes it less likely for your system to fail suddenly.

Your Energy Charges Go Down 

An air conditioning unit is probably the most power-consuming device inside your home. A maintained air conditioning unit works smoothly and efficiently. Which means that your air conditioner will use less resource and will also decrease your utility bills. This sounds good enough to spend on seasonal maintenance, saving you thousands of dollars in your monthly utility bills. Thus, spending on a professional air conditioning maintenance is a wise investment which reduces unnecessary expenditures on pricey AC repair in Newark and higher electricity bills altogether.

Your AC Lasts Longer 

By reducing the risk of sudden breakdowns and AC maintenance becomes a great motivator. This will even be more interesting to know that a professional maintenance service helps your AC to last longer. Where most of the air conditioner starts being a burden after 10 years of regular usage, you can expect your system to get some added years when it is maintained well. This way, you can save thousands of dollars from an immediate replacement.

You Get More Comfortable Home 

Either you schedule an AC maintenance service or an AC repair in Newark, both have the same purpose upkeeping your home comfort. When you prefer helping your air conditioner work better, it will help your space be consistently comfortable. You can anticipate an enhanced airflow and better humidity elimination when your air conditioner is maintained by professional hands. A maintained AC can guarantee your house will remain calm even when the temperature escalates.

Your Warranty Requires Maintenance 

Every air conditioner is covered by a warranty. If you read through the policy, you will discover that many parts of your system are not covered under warranty, and you may need to pay extra bucks when something goes wrong with them. When you maintain your system seasonally, you can protect those components from failures. With an excellent maintenance service, you might never need to file a claim.

Ron Jon Heating and Cooling Inc delivers outstanding HVAC repair in Newark. Our experts can maintain your air conditioner to make your home comfortable and stress-free. To know more, contact us today.