Air Conditioner Installation

Are you planning on installing a new air conditioner? You have hit the right page. Remember that AC installation is more challenging than it looks. But, if you are wondering how tough, read on to get an idea of what air conditioner installation entails by Ron Jon HVAC – top HVAC contractor in Hudson area.

Below are a listed few of the typical air conditioner installation mistakes that homeowners commit and how to avoid them.

Common AC installation Mistakes 

Choosing the wrong size: 

  • The most common AC installation that dozens of homeowners commit is choosing a wrongly sized cooling unit. By doing so inadvertently, not only will you have to face energy efficiency issues, but you also may force your unit to a short cycle.
  • Therefore, it is essential to ensure the air conditioning unit you pick out is neither too big nor too small. You may use a BTU calculator to help you choose the right unit for your home. Enter the rooms’ dimensions in your house, and the calculator will tell you how many BTUs you require on your air conditioning unit to cool the space efficiently.

Incorrect Placement of Thermostat: 

  1. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, proper placement of the thermostat plays a huge role in how efficient an air conditioner can function.
  2. If not installed in the right place, you will have to deal with temperature inconsistencies, expensive AC installation in Hudson, NJ and massive energy bills.
  3. While installing a thermostat, ensure it is out of sunlight. Most often than not, direct sunlight falling on a thermostat can trigger inaccuracies in temperature readings, thus causing your unit to turn on and off when it should not.
  4. You will also do better in installing your thermostat away from doors and windows. The corridors are the best place for a thermostat is in corridors and hallways.

Incorrect Placement of Air Conditioning System: 

  • Much like your thermostat’s wrong placement can lead to inefficient cooling, incorrect placement of your cooling unit, too, can wreak havoc in your life.
  • If your unit is installed in direct sunlight, you will likely deal with functionality and energy efficiency issues.
  • When installing your air conditioning unit, pick a shaded area. There should also be plenty of clearance around the system.
  • Failing to do so can pressure your air conditioning unit and cause it to work harder to cool your home. The more energy your AC unit uses, the higher will your utility bills be.

Failing to Inspect Refrigerant Links: 

  1. For those of you who already do not know, the refrigerant is the lifeline of any air conditioning unit. It means, if there is a refrigerant leak, your system is likely to fail sooner or later.
  2. It is, therefore, imperative to keep your eyes open for any refrigerant leak while installing your unit. AC installation can be tedious and messy and can sometimes lead to punctures in the ductwork.
  3. Therefore, be sure to check for leaks soon after you complete installation to prevent spending substantial cash on expensive repairs at a later time.
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