In the middle of winter, a broken heater can be one of the most annoying, inconvenient, and frustrating problems homeowners can face.

During the winter, not having heat can cause your family to be uncomfortable and ill. Knowing the reasons why your heater stopped working makes addressing the problem easier.

What could be causing your heating system to not turn on?

Here are some common reasons why your heating system may not work and needs heater repair in Hudson, NJ.

Poor maintenance

A dirty furnace is likely to cause your heat not to turn on. A dirty blower motor, dirty air filters, dirty flame sensors, and dirty burners can cause your furnace to work inefficiently. 

Excessive gas

An improperly calibrated furnace sometimes burns too much gas, which results in spending too much on gas during the winter and triggering a limit switch by an overheating furnace.

Incompatible components

Starting components that aren’t properly functioning can cause your blower and outdoor unit not to start, which will result in your system not heating your home.

Defective inducer draft motor

Over time, an inducer motor that draws too much current can burn out. Inducer motors with dirt can also trip safety switches. 

Damaged heat exchanger

Cracked heat exchangers can indicate another issue, such as faulty components resulting in low airflow. It can also have an impacts on your system’s efficiency.

Low refrigerant level

Leaving the refrigerant levels too low for an extended period may lead to the compressor overheating and failing.

What can be right to fix the problem?

If your heater does not turn on, there is a way to reduce the likelihood of this happening. However, if the unexpected does occur, you can always fix it. Here are some tips for troubleshooting a heater that is not working in your house.

  • The air filter must be checked: A dirty filter can completely impede airflow. Replace filters if necessary.
  • Ensure the flame sensor is functioning: The heating system will not operate if the flame sensor is blocked. 
  • Check the igniter or pilot light: The most common cause of a heating system not starting is a dirty or faulty pilot light. 
  • Check your circuit breaker: You should turn off the switch and reset the breaker if the circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Adjust the temperature: If you adjust the thermostat, see if the heating cycle is triggered.

We expect our heater to keep our families warm and comfortable and work the way it’s supposed to. It is much more likely to experience fewer breakdowns if you maintain a heating system efficiently. 

You will also experience fewer poor performance issues. The maintenance of equipment can also prevent the expensive replacement of parts in cases of premature failure.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, then call Ronjon Heating and Cooling Inc. right away. Don’t leave yourself in the cold once the winter weather arrives! Ronjon Heating and Cooling Inc. can help if you need heater installation in Hudson, NJ.